5 Eyeshadow Samples

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This listing bundles 5 eyeshadow samples of your choice together. You will be prompted to enter your sample choices when you add this listing to your cart.

Choose any 5 samples from the following:

  1.  Gorehound - a dark chocolate brown with red undertones and blue sparks.
  2.  Vogon Poetry - a vibrant metallic slime green.
  3. Infinite Improbability Drive - an icy steel blue with (heart of) gold shift.
  4. Oh, No, Not Again - bright blue with green sparks.
  5.  Babel Fish - bright sunny yellow.
  6. Polly Plague - violet purple with a sickly green shift.
  7.  Psycho Billie - a bright yellow-green.
  8. NeverMore-Tisha - a black based shadow with a strong blue shift and aqua sparks
  9. Kami - forest green with sparkle and a gold shift
  10.  Ice Wraith - iridescent pale ice blue with silver and blue sparks
  11.  Heart Full of Napalm - rusty red-orange reminiscent of flames with a smoldering shift and red sparks
  12.  Tears in Rain - iridescent, reflective blue-grey duochrome
  13. No More Room in Hell - intense black with a red undertone and subtle bronze sparkle
  14. Send More Paramedics - shimmering blackened purple with red and blue sparkle
  15.  He's Got an Arm Off - metallic red with gold shift and sparkle
  16. They're Coming to Get You, Barbara... - reddish brown with intense green shift and red sparkle
  17.  Gimme Back My Hand! - a rusty red-orange that bursts into a blue-brown dipped in flames
  18.  Groovy - a blue brown based shadow with a green shift. 
  19. Swallow This - metallic muted pink with an explosion of multi-colored sparkle
  20. Does That Sound *Fine*? - light brown with a subtle green iridescent shift
  21.  Wind-Up Bird - metallic canary yellow gold
  22. Hardboiled Wonderland - sparkly silver
  23. So It Goes - an insanely sparkly white gold
  24.  Amber of the Moment - amber-gold
  25. Exploding Penguin - black with red and white sparks
  26.  Creature of the Night - deep purple eyeshadow red to magenta shift and gold sparkle.
  27.  Bubonic Barbie - pink eyeshadow with a green shift and green and purple sparkle
  28. Karaoke Demon - avacado green eyeshadow with red duochrome shift and red sparks
  29. Beyond Expiration - grey-green with metallic sheen
  30. End of the World - soft black with fine gold shimmer
  31. Going Cold - light blue-grey with purple duochrome shift
  32. Gone Off - copper-red with gold-green duochrome shift
  33. Thoroughly Spoiled - dark grey-purple with green shift 
  34. Existential Vampire - warm strawberry red with ice-cold blue sparks
  35. Tomorrow's Parties - light purple with blue duochrome shift
  36. Twisted Tonya - sienna brown with a purple shift
  37.  Sinister Sonya - rich dark brown with sparkly gold shift
  38. Murderous Martha - sparkly metallic reddish copper
  39.  Mad Maxine - sparkly metallic golden bronze
  40. Serenity - rose gold
  41.  Pumpkin King - soft orange with a golden green shift
  42. Horrorshow - delicious orange creamsicle
  43. Occult Barbecue - matte blackened red-brown
  44. Blood Soiree metallic burgundy (reminiscent of dried blood) 
  45. Hell's House Party - wine pink-purple with red and purple sparkle
  46. Nightclub of the Damned - dark brown with fiery sparkle 
  47. Ghoul's Gala - metallic glimmering beige-gold
  48. Cocktails & Human Sacrifice - sparkling peach-gold with cool sparkle
  49. Cthulhu Rave - purple with green shift 
  50.  Batcave Boogaloo - smokey purple with magenta sparkle 
  51. Season of the Witch - duochrome purple eyeshadow with a blue-green shift and sparkle.
  52.  Cannibal Potluck - greyed flesh tone with strong green shift
  53. Banshee Book Club - metallic forest green
  54. Satanic Pool Party - deep, sparkling mermaid blue
  55.  Lamia Daycare - rich sparkling purple
  56. Mai Destruction - matte denim blue
  57. Eva Destruction - matte dark slate blue 
  58. Empire of Dirt - blue-brown with a blue/green shift
  59.  Rag Doll Dance -sparkling ruddy pink with a blue shift
  60. Little Miss Living - matte warm coral pink 
  61.  Stupid Bunny Suit - matte muted baby blue
  62.  Ginger Snap - matte rusty fall leaves orange 
  63.  Frog's Breath - matte acidic frog green 
  64.  The Great Pumpkin - matte creamy pumpkin orange 
  65.  I Need More Parts - matte deep sanguine red 
  66.  That's a Meteor - matte deep forest green 
  67.  Mask of Virtue - matte marigold ochre yellow 
  68. Wednesday - matte tombstone grey 
  69. Death Comes to Your Little Town - matte blackened purple 
  70. Tragic and Ironic - matte bright violet 
  71.  I Like Your Eye Patch - matte yellow-toned brown 
  72.  Gnarled Gnome - sparkling mulberry mocha
  73.  Emo Elf - blackened iridescent green
  74.  Altruistic Imp - blackened iridescent purple
  75.  Melancholy Mermaid - rich blue-purple with icy blue sparkle
  76. White Wedding - a semi-sheer porcelain white shadow bursting with icy blue sparkle
  77. #1 Crush - shifting duochrome orange-pink eyeshadow
  78.  Tainted Love - blackened red eyeshadow with a blue-green shift
  79.  Possessed Toys -sparkling magenta red violet 
  80. Love Cats - beautiful red-gold 
  81. Holiday Vendetta - robust red with silver sparks
  82. Sunshine on the Wasteland - bronze infused with sunshine.
  83. Freeze Ray - cold blue with intense sparkle


Sample size is approximately 1/4 tsp of product shipped in a plastic baggie.

*Please see individual listings for ingredient information.