Apocalyptic Starter Kit - cosmetics sampler box

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The Apocalyptic Starter Kit is a great introduction to the Apocalyptic Beauty brand!  These boxes contain a variety of products available in our regular line.

Each box contains:

-two eyeshadows - 1 matte shade and 1 shimmer shade ($5.00 each - $10 total retail value)

-one chunky glitter ($4.25 value)

-one face product (blush, highlighter, or travel size liquid highlighter) ($6.00-$6.85 value)

-one travel size (15ml) setting spray ($4.85 value)

-one mini Cosmetic Alchemy mixing medium ($3.05 value)

-one lip product (lip gloss or liquid lipstick) ($8.85-$12.00 value)

-one lip balm ($2.85 value)

-one additional item ($4.25-$8.00)


You will receive one of the two box designs pictured.

All products will be chosen randomly, but if you purchase more than one box in a single order, an effort will be made to ensure that you receive different products in each one.

Each box's contents has a retail value of more than $43.00

All Apocalyptic Beauty products are vegan and cruelty free!