Lip Gloss Sample

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This listing is for the lip gloss sample of your choice. You will receive approximately 1 ml of product in a clamshell container. You will be prompted to enter your sample choice when you add this listing to your cart.

Choose any sample from the following:

  1. Surfer Ghoul
  2. Ghoul Next Door
  3. Glamour Ghoul
  4. Pinup Ghoul
  5. Cover Ghoul
  6. Show Ghoul
  7. Good Ghoul Gone Bad
  8. Candy Ghoul
  9. Ghouls Will Be Ghouls
  10. Where the Ghouls Are
  11. ReAgent
  12. Spectral
  13. Wicked
  14. Mystical
  15. Diabolical 
  16. Fiendish
  17. Ethereal
  18. Oleander
  19. Vampirella
  20. Bloodroot
  21. Passion Flower
  22. Her Ghoul Friday
  23. Livor Mortis
  24. Atomic Beast
  25. Hive of Horror
  26. Soylent Green
  27. The Purple Monster Strikes
  28. Hemorrhage Red
  29. Lovecraftian
  30. Fanciful Phoenix

*Please see individual listings for ingredient information.

**These samples are all made to order, so when purchasing multiple samples, please allow additional time for order processing**