Lost in Time, Space, and Meaning (LE) - sexy space glitter blend

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Lost in Time, Space, and Meaning is a mix of red and purple holo 4 point stars, purple lightning, pastel rocket ships, fuschia lips glitters.  This glitter is part of the Oh, Rocky! collection inspired by RHPS, and it is limited edition available in only a small number due to limited availability of some ingredients.  When sold out, it will not be restocked.  

It comes in a 3 gram jar (containing approximately 1/2 tsp of product) with label art.


Polyetheylene Terephthalate, Aluminum, Polyurethane 33, Polyester

Potential uses for glitter:
- Over lip gloss to create unique lip art
- Face and body art (large-size glitters are not recommended for use around the immediate eye area)
- Nail art (Paint your nails, and then, while it's still tacky, arrange the glitter on your nails. Seal with a clear top coat.)
- Resin art
- In nail polish (solvent-resistant blends only)

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the FDA does not include glitter on its list of approved color additives. This means that no glitter products are technically allowed for use in any cosmetic in the USA. Despite this, glitter is widely used and prevalent in all kinds of cosmetics in the USA. There are no known reports of harm caused by glitter. Use at your own discretion.

Due to potentially pointed edges, please do not apply chunky shaped glitter in the immediate eye area.