Monthly Subscription

The Look of the Month Club subscription is Apocalyptic Beauty's themed beauty subscription.

Each month, subscribers will receive 4 to 5 products that can be used either separately or together for a complete, cohesive theme-inspired look! 


Past themes:

lotd.pngblood-queen1.pngnaga.pngdisco.pngfeline-fatale.png spider-queen.pngsteampunk-glam.pngsorceress1.pngharvest-goddess1.pngliving-dead-snip.pngforest-witch-snip.pngice-queen.png


And coming in April...



THIS SUBSCRIPTION MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.  Cut-off for receiving the current month's LOTM is the 21st of that month.   Subs ship during the final week of the month.

When subscribing, please be aware that the subscription's monthly charge will deduct on the same date each month - that date is determined by when you first subscribe, so the date that you subscribe will be the same day that the sub will deduct in future months.

Due to its already discounted nature, no discount codes work with the LOTM subscription.


Due to the increased cost of both materials and postage, the Look of the Month subscription will go up in price as of 4/22/19. This price increase will NOT affect existing subscriptions. All current subscribers will remain at the original sub price ($12.50 domestic / $22.00 international) for the duration of their current subscriptions. As of April 22nd, all new subscriptions will be priced at $14.00 domestic / $22.50 international.


LOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB SUBSCRIPTION - spots are limited. Subscription cost for US residents is $14.00 monthly and $22.50 monthly for international subscribers.  Shipping is included in the price.

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 To unsubscribe from LOTM, click the link below:

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