Original Macabre Mattes Collection Bundle - 12 shades

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This listing is for the original Macabre Mattes collection bundle. 

This bundle includes full size jars (each containing approximately 3/4 tsp of product in a 5g jar) of all 12 eyeshadows in the collection. It offers a savings of $10.00 over purchasing each of the shadows separately.

The Macabre Mattes collection consists of the following 12 matte eyeshadows inspired by movies set in fall / around Halloween:
1. Little Miss Living - warm coral pink (inspired by Corpse Bride)
2. Stupid Bunny Suit - muted baby blue (inspired by Donnie Darko)
3. Ginger Snap - rusty fall leaves orange (inspired by Ginger Snaps)
4. Frog's Breath - sickly grass green (inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas)
5. The Great Pumpkin - creamy pumpkin orange (inspired by the fall special It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown)
6. I Need More Parts - deep sanguine red (inspired by the movie May)
7. That's a Meteor - deep forest green (inspired by Creepshow)
8. Mask of Virtue - marigold ochre yellow (inspired by Sleepy Hollow)
9. Wednesday - tombstone grey (inspired by the Addams Family's Halloween special)
10. Death Comes to Your Little Town - blackened purple (inspired by the movie Halloween)
11. Tragic and Ironic - bright violet (inspired by ParaNorman)
12. I Like Your Eye Patch - yellow-toned brown (inspired by Trick r Treat)

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