The Carnage Collection - travel size liquid lipstick set

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The Carnage Collection contains 3 liquid lipsticks in shades of blood - wear each one individually or use them together to create the ultimate vampy ombre lip! 

Blood - a sinister and alluring red reminiscent of drying blood.

Gore - an eerily sexy brownish red akin to dried blood.

Viscera - a deep, murky reddish brown with subtle green shimmer - a sultry color inspired by glistening vital organs.

These dry matte to a smudge-resistant finish.  Each liquid lipstick comes in a 5 ml tube with doe foot applicator.  

Please see individual listings for a list of ingredients.  All Apocalyptic Beauty products are vegan and cruelty free! 

Lip swatches courtesy of the amazing Cutekittycosmetics!