The Murderer's Guide to Flower Arranging - Arrangement #3 Deadly Ikebana Set (LE)

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This set contains all the products in Deadly Ikebana, the third arrangement of The Murderer's Guide to Flower Arranging.  You will receive Nightshade and Henbane eyeshadows and Passion Flower and Bloodroot lip glosses - all full size.  

The Murderer's Guide to Flower Arranging is a collection inspired by poisonous plants.  New arrangements will be released periodically.

*Due to the limited availability of ingredients for Henbane, this set is limited edition.

Please see individual listings for ingredient information.  

Please be aware that color may vary slightly depending on your screen resolution.

Lip swatch image is courtesy of the amazing @cutekittycosmetics!


All Apocalyptic Beauty products are vegan and cruelty free!