The Shadow Library Collection Bundle - Volume 2

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The shadow library is designed to provide a sample of every eyeshadow currently offered from Apocalyptic Beauty. It is broken up into two volumes. Each sample is approximately 1/4 tsp of product and will be shipped in a plastic baggie.

Currently, there are a little over 80 shades in the line. This is volume 2, containing shades 41 - 80 (numbering is roughly chronological based on when they were released). Individually, samples are $1.50, so purchasing all 40 of these would cost $60. However, this bundle offers a savings of $20.00.

41. Pumpkin King - soft orange with a golden green shift
42. Holiday on the Moon - dark night sky blue
43. White Wedding - semi-sheer porcelain white bursting with icy blue sparkle
44. Tainted Love - blackened red with a blue-green shift
45. Bejeweled Skull - white with diamond and ruby sparks
46. Occult Barbecue - matte blackened red-brown
47. Blood Soiree metallic burgundy (reminiscent of dried blood)
48. Lana'thel - gold-red
49. Purgatori - sparkling gold
50. Ghoul's Gala - metallic glimmering beige-gold
51. Season of the Witch - duochrome purple with blue-green shift and sparkle
52. Cocktails & Human Sacrifice - sparkling peach-gold with cool sparkle
53. Cthulhu Rave - purple with green shift
54. Love Cats - sparkling red gold
55. Gnarled Gnome - sparkly mulberry mocha
56. Cannibal Potluck - greyed flesh tone with strong green shift
57. Banshee Book Club - metallic forest green
58. Satanic Pool Party - deep, sparkling mermaid blue
59. Lamia Daycare - rich sparkling purple
60. Mai Destruction - matte denim blue
61. Eva Destruction - matte dark slate blue
62. Empire of Dirt - blue-brown with a blue/green shift
63. Bathory - blackened red
64. Blood Magic - red-brown with green to gold sparkle
65. Stupid Bunny Suit - matte muted baby blue
66. Ginger Snap - matte rusty fall leaves orange
67. Frog's Breath - matte acidic frog green
68. The Great Pumpkin - matte creamy pumpkin orange
69. I Need More Parts - matte deep sanguine red
70. That's a Meteor - matte deep forest green
71. Mask of Virtue - matte marigold ochre yellow
72. Wednesday - matte tombstone grey
73. Death Comes to Your Little Town - matte blackened purple
74. Tragic and Ironic - matte bright violet
75. I Like Your Eye Patch - matte yellow-toned brown
76. Melancholy Mermaid - rich blue-purple with an icy blue sparkle
77. It Could Be Sunshine - sparkling gold
78. Sunshine on the Wasteland - bronze infused with sunshine
79. Emo Elf - blackened glowy iridescent green eyeshadow
80. Angry Ent - dark blackened sparkly glowing forest green

*Please see individual listings for ingredient information.

**PLEASE NOTE: not all of these shades may be already made at the time of your order. Please allow additional time for shades to be made to order as necessary.**

All Apocalyptic Beauty products are vegan and cruelty free!